Looking for a gas appliance installation service? If so, you have come to the right place. We have years of experience behind us here at Crown Plumbing and Gas, and can service your every need.

Our team specialise in appliance installations from dishwashers, fridge ice maker connections, gas appliances, hot plates, and cookers. Crown’s plumbers are licenced gas fitters who can also provide additional gas supplies to indoor space heaters, or even outdoor entertaining heaters, and BBQs.

Wide Range of Services
We can help with fitting your appliances, whether new or otherwise. We specialize in complete gas plumbing solutions, from connections to maintenance, and everything in between. Our highly trained fitters are ready for your call, with no call out fee charged. And, we offer a speedy response, accurate quotes and the ultimate in safe working practices. Crown Plumbing and Gas are experienced working with any equipment from any supplier.

Our appliance expertise also covers supply and installation of ovens, heaters, and boilers. We can deal with anything else you use in the home that runs on gas. We offer complete hot water system supply and installation too. And, we will connect gas heaters with accuracy, precision, and safety. Whether you need a brand new install or just require maintenance, we can offer our services for you whenever you need them.

Over the years, we have fitted gas ovens, large and small. We have seen simple appliances that fit in with one simple click, to complicated cooking systems that require more expertise. There can be dozens of interconnecting pieces that need accuracy, knowledge, and experience to fit. No matter how precise the job is, we will give you what we need.

High Qualification Assurance
Every fitter we send out has been trained to deal with any problem they encounter in your home. They will work to provide you with the safest, professional fitting, regardless of the difficulty. We can either place your new appliance where the old one was, or extend your pipework to its new location. We also work on complete renovation projects, so can safely fix your gas fittings before any major work is complete.

There are no issues with finding spare parts either. Our fitters will have the vast majority of components ready and waiting for your job. We also use a reliable set of suppliers to help us keep up to speed with ordering hard-to-find parts to ensure you receive the fastest, most reliable service you can expect.

Safe Service with a Smile
We understand how important it is for our customers to know they are working with someone who knows precisely what they’re doing. Gas is an incredibly dangerous substance, which can cause an accident, ill health, or worse. Make sure you use a reputable plumber that will treat your home like they would their own. We pride ourselves on giving everyone the perfect service, no matter how large or small the job.

Crown Plumbing and Gas offer same day services, so, we are more than happy to help if you need an immediate fix. We also offer exclusive discounts of 15% to pensioners on labour. Give us a call, and we will get back to you with an accurate, honest quote. We look forward to hearing from you soon.