Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Crown Plumbing & Gas specialise in full house renovation with over 70 bathroom renovations completed.

Plumbing may not be at the forefront of your mind when you are thinking about home renovations. But, it should be. There is so much that can go wrong, from incorrect installation to burst pipes. When you are spending a fortune on a new bathroom or kitchen, it is heartbreaking when poor workmanship ruins your dream renovation.

It is vital, then, that you choose experts to take care of all your pipes, waterways, and gas equipment. It doesn’t matter whether you are installing a new room or updating an old one – the principle remains the same. You need a professional, reliable service that can give you everything that you need. Here at Crown Plumbing and Gas, we have you covered for any bathroom or kitchen renovation – and beyond.

The Best Service
We have experience in all kinds of renovations, from kitchens and bathrooms, all the way through to entire houses. Going through the improvement process is an exciting time for homeowners. But, we understand it is also an expensive experience. So, we can work within your budget, or suggest a more cost-efficient route for you to take.

When your renovation starts, you get to see what lies behind your walls – maybe for the first time. And, what you might find, may not be what you expect. Rusty pipes, leaks, messy finishing – they are all common issues. There is no better time to consider upgrading your plumbing system, and you need reliable hands to take on the job.

Wide Range of Service
We supply and install hot water systems, of all varieties. We can take care of your kitchen/bathroom gas installations, too. We’ll connect your appliances, sort out your drainage, and even help you with water filter installations.

If you are keeping your old shower and tub, we can help with that. We will fix your leaking showers, give pressure tests, and even replace your taps. Blocked drains, burst pipes, dishwashers & stoves – we can install, maintain, and remove them all with ease.

Quick Response
We work quickly, accurately, and take every job as serious as the last. We pride ourselves on the fact that we always try to come in on the budget. We have spent years building up a reputable business and do not intend to let it slip, no matter how difficult the job.

It’s also important to find a plumbing company that works well with local builders. When you are in the middle of a big renovation, speed and timing are of the essence. And, the slightest little delay can have a serious knock-on effect. We are proud to report we have built up excellent relationships with other building firms in the area. We work with them to give our customers the same level of service and make sure we get our timings just right.

So, give us a call here at Crown Plumbing & Gas, for all your plumbing needs. We can even give you advice on your bathroom or kitchen renovation project. We don’t charge for a call out, offer same day services, and even grant 15% discount to pensioners on labour. Give us a call, and let us know how we can help.